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A tab manager designed to make web browsing more organized, focused, and productive.

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Save tabs for later

Too many tabs?

Save tabs to Flows, workspaces in your new tab. Create Flows to help you focus on the classes you're taking, projects you're working on, things you're researching.

New Tab

Access your workspaces right from the new tab.

Transform your browser's new tab into a dashboard view of your different Flow workspaces. Flow's new tab helps you manage your various workspaces in the browser.

tab Manager

Switch browser sessions with just a click.

Automatically save your tabs as you switch Flows, so you can focus on just the tabs that you need for the task at hand. Flow handles tab management so you don't have to.

Browser Performance

Tab clutter slows down work in your browser.

Flow's tab management reduces tab clutter's impact on memory usage, CPU load, and device battery life. Focus on the tabs that matter. Switch tabs with just a click.

What people are saying about Flow

Dara G.
UX Designer | Artist

Before Flow, my browser had like 50 tabs open all the time. I wouldn't want to lose important tabs, so I'd never close them!

Flow helps me organize and optimize all my important workflows. I use Flows to organize my projects, community work, the language I'm learning, UX research, shopping... everything really!

Organized my projects and workflows

Matthew T.
Data Analyst | Student

Before Flow, I would accumulate tons of tabs related to the different things on my mind: research, spreadsheets, tutorials, music, and video games. Flow organizes my messy browser tabs and reduces distractions in the browser.

Flow makes it easy to save my place across my different classes, hobbies, and projects.

Reduces distractions

OM k.
Video Producer | Student

Flow is great for project management and research.

I use Flow to manage tabs related to the classes I'm taking, videos I'm producing, and tasks I'm coordinating.

Flow saves the tabs I need automatically, so I can switch between projects without fiddling with cluttered tabs.

Great for project management and research

Sangita P.
Software Engineer | Artist

Flow compartmentalizes the many different tasks and projects I have on my plate.

Each project I have is placed in its own Flow along with related browser tabs. This enables me to tackle my tasks more efficiently as I can now organize my thoughts in the browser.

Organizes my thoughts in the browser

Katie D.
3rd Grade Teacher

Now that school is virtual, I have a lot of different tabs I need to have open for my different classes: lesson plans, resources, class websites, Zoom links, etc.

Flow organizes all the different resources and tabs related to the classes I teach, so I can focus on the lesson!

Great for organizing schoolwork

Rohit K.
Associate Consultant | Student

Flow keeps my browser clean. It’s smooth... lets me use fewer tabs on average. Instead of constantly reorganizing 4-5 windows for the major projects on my plate, I create Flows for each. This makes it much easier to focus on one at a time.

I used to use bookmarks, but Flow is much easier to use and reduces the number of clicks for me to get to my tabs.

Makes it easier to focus

Used by people on teams building great things

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Focus on your tabs that matter.

Add Flow to Chrome - It's Free